5 crucial points you need to know about before buying a wedding ring

Tips to find the perfect wedding ring for saying “I do”. Where do you start? This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the ring to seal your eternal love for each other.

Choose your style

Choose one or two sections in which you start looking. Choose from: diamonds and gemstones, gold, platinum or a modern metal. Take a look at what is practical and what is beautiful. Start with deciding whether you want a simple band or with a diamonds. Followed by the choice of metal, does it need to match the engagement ring? If you have a basic idea, then you can start shopping.

Do you want the engagement ring and the wedding ring together?

Then you can buy them together, so you know it will match. The downside is that it ruins the surprise. You can add new bands to your engagement ring to make it a stacked wedding ring. Deciding this prior to buying your engagement ring, makes shopping easier. Nevertheless, you can always shop with your engagement ring in mind. You will miss the bulk discount however. Another idea for your wedding ring is to buy an interlocking ring so that your engagement ring merges with your wedding ring. These ideas are the solution for wearing the wedding ring and the engagement ring 24/7. If you want to wear these rings on different sides this gives you more freedom of choice due to the fact that the rings don’t have to match.


A typical budget for a wedding ring is about 3% of your total wedding cost. Depending on the retailer, brand and discount, the average 14-karat gold or platinum ring cost around $1000. This is ofcourse without engraving and diamonds. If you would like these extra’s set some money apart from your budget for it. But most of all, think what you would want to spend on a wedding ring.

Start early

After making the first steps the fun part starts, the fitting! Try to do this at least 2 or 3 months prior to your wedding. This has to do with the fact that some rings take more time to deliver. Besides the delivery time, you need time to search, browse prices and sometimes revisit rings. If you want a custom ring, you need even more time. This also accounts for engraving the ring. Once your idea, budget and sort are set, you can go shopping. But remember you must not set on one idea. Use the knowledge of jeweler to your advantage. Try some rings the jeweler might think is a choice for you. by branding out a little, you can be sure when you choose, your ring is the right one. Even though it might be different than what you set out to buy. Keep an open mind.

Mixing or Matching

There is no rule in the universe that says only matching wedding rings work. Some couples deliberately like to choose different metals and styles. If you want matching for the effect than go for it, but do not hold back if you both want different rings. This way you can choose a ring that reflects you individual character.

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