Finding The Right Wedding Ring – FAQ

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The right wedding ring, there is more into finding the right one than you know. We will answer common questions in this article. In the previous acticle you can find a complete guide to finding the one that suits your needs. Let’s dive deep into it!

FAQ Wedding RIng

  • What is my ring size?

The easiest way to determine your ring size, is to go to the jeweler and try them on. But usually you already know your ring size. If you try on different one, you need to bear in mind that your finger can expand and shrink in the morning and with heat and cold. In addition, you need to keep in mand that you a wedding ring can slip of your finger when it is to loose on your finger when swimming. 

  • What should it cost?

Altough it is an important part, there is no rule for this. The price is dictated by the metal, size, carat and whether it is design. Make up a budget before you go shopping. This helps you narrow down rings that you want.


Wedding Ring


In addition to your jewelry, you can buy matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets. If you want this, make sure it fits with your wedding dress. The combinations is key. These extra accessories can also be purchased at a later time if you don’t have your dress yet. Do want accessories for your bridesmaids? We recommend that you choose jewelry that complements their beauty rather than having the same pieces.

Wedding Ring


Last but not least, the gifts. How do you want to say thanks to your loved ones, bridesmaids and groomsmen? This can be done through jewelry as well. If you give jewelry this will be a gift that is cherished and will last longer. This can be anything from a photo frame to a watch. Whatever you give make sure it is from the heart.

Wedding Ring

Finding The Right Wedding Ring – Let’s find out!



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