Guide to stacked wedding rings

Stacked Wedding Ring

Is the stacked wedding ring trend for you?

Is this a trend you want to incorporate in your wedding? When it comes to engagement and wedding rings brides have such a variety to choose from. From plain and simple rings to stacked wedding rings. Stacked wedding rings are the choice for many fashionable brides.tacked wedding ring trend for you?

Did you know that stacking wedding rings have been around for many years. In Scandinavia women typically wear 3 rings: one is for engagement, another one for marriage and the final one for motherhood. If you look at the development in jewelry, the layered look is seen everywhere. If you are wearing multiple wedding rings this is seen as fashionable and meaningful.

Stacked Wedding Rings
Stylish and Stacked

Why would you have stacked wedding rings?

Wedding rings have emotional value. Two rings can have the meaning of 2 people being one. You can wear two rings for symmetry. And above that this is a way to have even more sparkle.

What if you stack wedding rings throughout your life. With every milestone you achieve you add a ring. Engagement, wedding, first baby and so on. And the best thing about stacking is they don’t have to match. Even traditional people would agree with you that you can mix and match different metals, gems and diamonds. So matching is not mandatory, you can do what you like, making it your personal wedding ring.

Stacked Wedding Rings
Simple and elegant

How to stack your rings

You can stack symmetrical or by date. Symmetrical is by far the most popular. Symmetrical means that your wedding ring is in the middle and lock them with two eternity bands. Or if you do it by date, you start with your engagement ring followed by your wedding ring and so on. This is a great way to add more bands later on.

What is the limit to my stacking? What feels comfortable? This is a personal preference. But most women find 3 to 5 rings comfortable. One for your engagement accompanied by 2 to 4 wedding rings.

What happens if you have too much rings for your taste. You can always wear your engagement ring on one side and your wedding rings on the other side. This creates a power look.

Is buying the rings together preferable?

Usually if you buy more at once you can get a discount. Or if you buy a set, a engagement and a wedding ring. This allows you to get them cheaper. Some wedding rings incorporate multiple styles in order to make it look like stacked rings. But in the end you do not only need to look at the price. You have to follow your heart and make it personal. No matter when or how you buy your wedding rings. Buy what you love.

Stacked Wedding Rings
Multiple rings with different look and feel

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